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Youtube Finds – Jenn Im

“2 days to finals and suddenly all Youtube videos are interesting.” – Friend

Indeed. I find myself gravitating to truckloads of videos during exam season and in my case, as a stuffing for my ‘little’ study breaks. Since Youtube videos are usually around 10-15 minutes, hey they’re perfect!

I’ve recently chanced upon Jenn Im’s Youtube channel (Clothes Encounters) and there’s something about her that induces me to click on virtually every one of her videos. I actually probably know what that something is.

Clothes Encounters

1. For one, she’s pretty. Everyone loves a pretty face.
2. Her voice tad husky but charming on the whole and it just has the ability to keep you listening on, and on, and on..and on.
3. She exudes such confidence through the camera with a personality that you can’t possibly hate.

If you’re looking for break fillers, check her out here.
(I’m guessing the content would interest girls but I won’t leave the doods out. You can stare at her all day.)

To those chugging espressos and getting more paper cuts than ever, press on!
Summer break’s almost here.

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