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Singapore Botanical Gardens

With gorgeous visiting tulips and what not down at Gardens by the Bay running in the Singapore tourism limelight, I feel a little sorry for the Singapore Botanical Gardens. Then again, I’m thankful it’s not that much of a tourist hotspot. (At least on a Tuesday afternoon.) This means indulging in actual calm and serenity away from the hustle and bustle of the city, for quiet walks with your furry friend or pounding the pavements in sync with the bass beats running through your ears. I love how the entrance at Tanglin Gate stands so near the heart of town, teasing the crowd to seek a breather beyond the gates of ‘Narnia’.


I like their unconventional choice of footwear.


And how the colour of her dress blends in with the yellow of the trees







Without a doubt, the 74-hectare garden has probably seen countless wedding shoots (bumped into 3 that day, at the same junction, at the same time),  perhaps hundreds of proposals under pavilions and birthday picnic surprises by wonderful friends. All of us probably possess a stash of memories here.

I must say it’s more than a mere ‘nice’ to be encapsulated by lush greenery with only the blue of the skies capped right above you. Nothing spans more of nature than you being right there in the midst of it all. I only wish there were more flowers along the paths just so I could really stop to smell the roses.

Till then, here’s to more adventures! Life has only just begun.

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