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Kinfolk Vol. 7

kinfolk vol 7

This probably seems rather outdated, now that Volume Eight has been made available in stores. Just ordered mine! Upon discovering Kinfolk, I purchased volumes 6 & 7 in the frenzy of exams slightly over a month ago. They’re much cheaper online at websites like Books Depository and at about 20 odd with free shipping. Only disadvantage was the lengthy delivery time (2 – 3 weeks) that I was completely fine with, given that I didn’t have spare time till after finals anyway. If you’d like to hunt for it in a physical store, I believe you can find it in Kinokuniya and The little dröm store at Ann Siang Hill.

What’s Kinfolk about?

‘A guide for small gatherings’, composed of gorgeous photographs and accompanied by beautiful, beautiful words. An artsy blend of artists, writers, photographers, designers and cooks. Tons of discovering in terms of cooking, making or doing. Four volumes are produced each year in accordance with the four seasons that I really wish I could relate to. The spring issue, Volume 7 here was an ode to ice cream, hence the quirky-lovely pairing of  ice-cream cones with flowers. I can’t decide what draws me more — The images?  The writing?  The content? I can’t make this decision, I just can’t.

kinfolk vol 7 - 1

kinfolk vol 7 - 2

I need to have a meal like this some day. With lobsters, cobbed corn, tossed salads and baguettes with homemade dip atop an endless arrangement of newspapers, while out on the lawn on a cool and crisp day. Why doesn’t this sound at all possible in Singapore?

kinfolk vol 7 - 3

kinfolk vol 7 - 4

cyan silicone shades pouchAm looking forward to Volume Eight, a special Japan issue! I hear it features origami flowers, cherry blossom macarons and insights on green tea harvesting. My toes are tingling.

Till next time, TGIF! Have an amazing weekend.

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