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Fried Rice Friday

fried rice fridayGrowing up, my mother had dedicated certain days to certain dishes — perhaps subconsciously or out of habit. Just like how we sometimes gravitate towards the same few pieces of clothing at the start of the week for example. I always knew to expect bean sprouts with bean curd on Mondays, Chicken rice with 小白菜 (baby bok choy) on Thursdays and of course, Fried Rice on Fridays.

It’s easily on everyone’s top 10 favourite asian dishes, usually cooked with shrimp (we couldn’t find the right ones at the supermarket) chartering the basic colours of orange, yellow and green.

Clifford cooked some last Friday but we haven’t perfected it quite yet. Egg errors and something was missing for more charge in flavour. Something. Nonetheless, I have pictures that document the process!

char siew 1

char siew 2

spring onion + charsiew + onions

mixed vegetables 1

mixed vegetables 2


frying 1Love love love the bright shots of colour here

cooked white rice

fried rice 1

fried rice 2

seaweed chicken

bon appetitIf there’s one thing I learnt from watching Chef C in action — frying rice is quite the arm workout. The accompaniments of seaweed chicken and a chilled bottle of root beer complemented the laid back Friday we were having, topped off with an episode of Friends joining us for dinner … as usual. Perfect.

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