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Father’s Day Brunch @ Spruce

Father’s Day — A less celebrated and glorified occasion compared to Mother’s Day barely a month back. When it comes to any form of celebration, presents are optional in my family and never expected but we make it a point to at least have a meal together. Such meals are definitely more significant and treasured now that my both siblings are married. My parents usually opt for Chinese cuisines — dim sum lunches, dinners at chinese restaurants — this time it was different. We had our first family brunch out at Spruce over at Phoenix Park, Tanglin Road, a nice step out of the usual ensemble of locations. It was without a doubt, a treat for the man of the house, who appreciates a big breakfast spread made of scrambled eggs, sausages, cherry tomatoes, baked beans and the like.

Phoenix Park had a pinch of the Dempsey aura, with Spruce set slightly upslope with a backrop of luxuriant foliage. If not for the humid weather, outdoor seatings would’ve been Australian-April-weather-perfect.

spruce phoenix park



Where everyone’s OOTD is shot

spruce menu


siblings 1

siblings 2


I’m no arty farty museum goer but their collection of paintings were jaw-dropping realistic with such vibrant colours. They make a whirlwind of a difference to the cafe’s interior which would otherwise be a bland (but seamlessly minimalistic) blend of white, brown and black. You know, café colours.

spruce outdoor seating



At first, we thought it read ‘七’ (Mandarin for 7). T for tea! (S$6)


It’s true. Or growing to be. – Flat White (S$6).


Spruce Lemonade with mint (S$6)

spruce british brekkie

Spruce British Brekkie (S$19)

spruce big brekkie

Spruce Big Brekkie (S$19)

spruce crab cake bennyCrab Cake Benny (S$25)

cajun prawn bennyCajun Prawn Benny (S$25)

apple pieAmerican Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream (S$15)

baked ginger date puddingBaked Ginger Date Pudding (S$12)


As you can see, the price of Spruce’s food was quite on the high end but that won’t stop me from returning ever again. The occasional splurge is worth it with good food in such a lovely atmosphere. They only serve brunch on weekends and public holidays, which I’m certain ensures a continuous peak period. Do make reservations if you’re planning on dining there.

Spruce, check!

Spruce at Phoenix Park, Tanglin Road

320 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247980

T: 6836 5528
Mon – Fri: 10.30am – 10.30pm
Sat, Sun & PH: 9am – 10.30pm
Bar open till late

*Brunch – Available Sat, Sun & PH
Last order at 3.45pm

On a side note, we celebrated my sister’s birthday in advance today as well! Quite the tradition since it lies pretty close to Father’s Day.

Ever since I was 7, I’d been the card maker of the family. The evolution of my products has seen a progression from white starchy pieces of drawing block to flimsy sheets of coloured construction paper, my tools a mixture of wooden coloured pencils, crayons and magic markers. Never paint. I never mastered the art of the brush and saw it as a venture too risky for my clumsy oaf of a self. After 15 years, I find myself addicted to brown wrapping paper and scrapbook making supplies, as well as my trusty double sided correction tape.

At 3am with limited material, these were all I could come up with. Simple, a little messy, could be better, but I guess they get the message across (quite literally). Happy Father’s Day, Dad. Happy Birthday, Sis.

father's day card

birthday card

handmade cards

Hope you had a beautiful Sunday, wherever you are!

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