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A slice of Pisa

a slice of pisa

Before heading to Florence, we stopped by Pisa. Pleasantly cool and dressed with empty rustic streets, just the way I like it. T’was an approximate 20 minute walk to the Cathedral Square, “Piazza del Duomo” with nothing to see yet plenty to snap at. The skies were too blue. My surroundings were too unfamiliar and thus novel for my relishing.

lamposts and flags


bridge river


guy pose

When you spot an entire crowd strutting the legendary pose, you know without a doubt that you’ve reached your destination.

leaning tower of pisa

 Tadah! The leaning tower of Pisa. I have to say I imagined it to be a lot bigger though I was amazed all the same. The weather was beyond perfect for a day under the sun with the bonuses of grand architecture surrounding us.

duomo and baptistery

 Baptistery on the left, Duomo on the right, kid running illegally on the enclosed grass patch in the foreground.

self 1Credits: Clifford

leaning tower of pisa 1

bicycle stand

with baptistery

superga in pisa



Though an unbalanced comparison, I’m thoroughly jealous at the quality of colours Cliff’s D90 produces in contrast to my EP3. Nonetheless, it’s amazing enough for my photographic standards!

little boy running

He was running around in circles, like a rustling tornado of leaves on the ground of a windy day. Only a more adorable sight, of course.


Right after this shot, Cliff got red patchy rashes on his arms due to grass irritation but it was quickly salvaged by QV skin lotion. (An unintentional unsponsored advertorial  statement, I swear.)

The only thing missing on that vast patch of grass was an elaborate picnic with English teacups, warm homemade sandwiches and a vase of flowers brought entirely for decorative purposes.

cemetery walls

Beyond this castle-like of a wall was a … cemetery.

cemetery walls 1

vast grass

pisa polaroid

duomo and bell tower of pisa

street 1


hands and rings

Then we were off to dear Florence!



Once again, the apartment in Florence we reserved via Airbnb exceeded our expectations. What seemed like a dodgy building with scaffolding on the outside and a tiny elevator with notorious heart-stopping jerks, had an astoundingly spacious interior.

florence apt 1

florence apt 2

florence apt 3

florence apt 4

florence apt 5

view from florence apt

The scenic view from the wooden framed window of the kitchen. Sunsets were gorgeous accompanying our late dinners, that stretched over many hours especially when the guys introduced the idea of second dinners. Unfortunately, I was never able to catch the arguably more beautiful sun rise. The skies were either too cloudy or I was too sleepy.

florence apt 6

chair in apt

kitchen window




florence dinner

 After grocery shopping at the nearest Coop located 15 minutes away, we had a good comfy spread of home cooked pasta, roasted potatoes and pan-fried chicken fillet strips for dinner. Thanks, chefs!

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  1. Anonymous says

    Hi, I am planning for my europe trip and chanced upon your blog. Can I check when you visited Pisa and headed to Florence after that, did you bring along the luggages? We want to do the same route but find it quite inconvenient to carry the luggages around. Thanks!

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