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Florence and the Tangerines

window reflection

You should be forewarned that this post is jam-packed with photographs. Maybe a little too much but it can only be accounted to the fact that Florence is rather beautiful. ‘Rather’ is an understatement of course, and that brings me to a point of regret that was having only one full day in this lovely city. Nonetheless, we made the most of it!

Our apartment was equipped with practically everything you could have in an Italian kitchen from a pizza stone to a moka pot. So in Clifford’s words, “Just use only.”


There was an aromatic bottle of coffee powder in the cabinets, new coffee filters and to top it off, the owner had these adorable rooster espresso cups!

espresso cups

moka pot

The moka pot was so easy to use I think I may get myself one. (Or place big hints right about here.)

fresh brewed italian espresso

I’m latte/ flat white kind of girl who appreciates a waterfall of milk in my coffee. Unfortunately, we didn’t have milk, only Derick’s soy drink, which didn’t mix well at all. Even so, it was a good strong Italian roast — just not the best idea for my sorethroat I was nursing then.


Focaccia farcita – Filled Italian Hearth Bread. The bread encasing the delightful medley of ham & cheese was hard to bite in — proving that nothing frozen can taste phenomenal.

After breakfast, we took the tram to the city centre (only 4 stops away) and later a nice scenic walk to Uffizi Gallery. As you can see, my idea of scenic lies beyond the panoramic boundaries of nature.

florence 1

florence 2


j & d


more bicycles

tourist junction


self 2




lady along river

her view


j & d 2



No one told me about the dress code.

artist and pet

uffizi gallery

Uffizi Gallery, one of the oldest and most renowned art museums in the world. It “boasts the world’s largest collection of Renaissance art, largely collected by members of the Medici family during the 16th and 17th centuries.” – A View on Cities.


caricature artist



view from gallery

The stunning view from the gallery!

view from gallery 2

palazzo vecchio

Palazzo Vecchio, the town hall of Florence, Italy.

One of the best meals we had was in Florence, a mere 15 euros for a three-course meal in a snazzy looking restaurant. The set menu included a pasta, usually a choice of meat and dessert! For obvious reasons, the guys ordered the set while the girls ordered an ala carte order of pasta.




lunch 2


I had the carbonara — The authentic sort where it’s rich & thick without the use of any cream but whisked egg yolk and cheese.

seafood linguine





scooter 2



We fuelled up & carbo-loaded for a purpose: To take on a 414 step challenge at Campanile di Giotto (Giotto’s Bell Tower) for a view that promised to be worth the workout. The stairwell was terribly narrow, sometimes dark and uncomfortably a two-way passage. For a person with mild claustrophobia & climacophobia (fear of climbing stairs), this was quite a feat. (But now an achievement!)


first stop

Alas! The stairs came to a stop. I saw light. And ground. But it wasn’t the end. We looked up and realized that we were only at the first floor with possibly two more to go.

big bell


first stop 2



first stop 3




binoculars base

kid with binoculars

cliff 2


top 2

top 3

top 4

The view was most spectacular with roofs of buildings like a field of tangerines. We were able to walk about the entire perimeter of the top to get a fantastic 360 panoramic view of Florence. Beautiful, beautiful Florence.

spray paint artist


the mall

Last on our itinerary for the day, a trip to The Mall (I love how casual and breezy that sounds), Tuscany’s luxury outlet mall nestled amongst the green Tuscan hills. We paid 10 euros each (to and fro; return tickets were sold at the bar in the only cafe at The Mall) for a 30 minute bus ride from the interchange. First thing we observed: Every passenger was asian.

It was quite a wasted trip for the four of us, seeing that we weren’t quite a branded bunch. They had brands such as Balenciaga, Burberry, Dior, Prada, Gucci, Fendi, YSL etc. Your typical big names that I didn’t have equally big wads of cash or passion for. I just knew how much some of my friends would like to be trading places with me during those 3 hours.

We must have been the only ones on the return bus almost completely empty handed compared to the others with an average of 2 large paper bags per hand.

superga and wooden deck

factory outlet

flowers 2


Still, it was a fruitful day and I’ll definitely be back for more of Florence in the future!

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PS: More snaps of my trip are labelled #wenzineurope on Instagram!


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