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PS. Cafe @ Palais Renaissance

ps cafe

There are many levels of food — Junk, exquisite, comfort. At times, they meet to form a phenomenal collaboration for a calorie party. I’m talking about Truffle Shoestring Fries & PS. Chicken In A Basket from PS. Cafe.

We were in town getting shoved around by the Orchard crowd like a carom being flicked when we had the profoundest cravings for a good ol’ mountain of truffle fries. There was no need for a lengthy discussion about our destination, for there’s only one place we’d claw our way to get our much needed fix.

truffle fries

truffle fries close up


Of the three times I’ve had the heap of truffle fries arrive at my table, there wasn’t once when my eyes didn’t twinkle on behalf of my nose. Some people reckon truffle oil smells like gasoline while tasting like garlic. I would agree on the latter and love it all the same and unless heaven smells like gasoline, I think I may be on a different page about that.

Each time I order it, I forget how big the serving really is. You’d need four stomachs to clean the entire plate (Here’s where being a cow comes in handy.) so it’s a tremendously good portion for sharing.

While I think the price tag on the Chicken In A Basket is quite hefty, it certainly does pack up a punch in flavour, armed with hypnotic powers to convince you that the $26 is heck worth it.


kid 1Getting very jealous every time his mom turned to feed his twin. What’s better than one cute kid? Another one. What makes them even cuter? Jealousy.

fries and chicken


fries and chicken 1

ps cafe 1

Where do you go for your truffle fries fix?

PS. Cafe at Palais
Level 2, Palais Shopping Centre
390 Orchard Road

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