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Ya Kun Kaya Toast: Original Branch

original yakun shopfront

Sometimes, all we need is a little traditional oomph to start the day. Push past all heavy thoughts of hollandaise sauce, sparkling gold maple syrup on pancake stacks and the 100 variations of eggs. It gets old and a tad tiring after a while so why not choose something infused with history instead?



food 1

food 2


food 3

With a well preserved splash of heritage in its shop, the original branch of Ya Kun Kaya Toast at China Street was surprisingly empty at noon on a weekday. Or so I thought. Soon after we had our orders taken, a huge Japanese tour group arrived with their floppy hats, along with many people from offices nearby.

Initially, I too got mistaken for a tourist … because I had my camera strung from my neck and was snapping incessantly away at everything. I miss being a tourist, my top reason: being able to take photos just walking down the most mundane street and not have anyone stare and judge me with unfriendly sneers.

As always, the kaya toast never fails to satisfy. You might agree that the traditional toast has amazing contrast ability. It is first warm, rough and crisp, standing somewhere between a biscuit and soft wondrous bread. Then somewhere between that airy texture, you’re greeted by a cool buttery surprise and nanoseconds later, the sweet and creamy entrance of the legendary coconut jam.

For the soft-boiled eggs, I have never succeeded in getting the perfect amount of dark soy sauce in the mix because the clumsy oaf in me perpetually has no control over the spout of the bottle. Or powers of estimation.

Looking back, Ya Kun seemed like the perfect place for that catch-up session with two of my best friends from university. We had all been travelling to various parts of the world and to bring all those stories home, where else would you go but back to basics for quality talk over simple fare?


Ya Kun Kaya Toast (Original Branch)
Address: 18 China St #01-01, Singapore 049560
Tel: 6438 3638
Opening Hours
Mon – Fri: 7.30 am – 6.30 pm
Sat – Sun: 8.30 am – 5.00pm
Closed on Public Holidays


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