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Penny University: Coffee in the East


The east isn’t somewhere I venture very often. However, since I was meeting my mates nearby that night, I grabbed that opportunity and made a solo trip down to Penny University.

It rained a lot that day. The same one that saw me going to the BooksActually market stint if you remember reading about here. I was expecting nothing less of a crowd for a Saturday but always hoped for an empty table just waiting for my arrival. Magic happens sometimes in your most dire straits. 

There were available seats. Bar seats unfortunately. High stools just aren’t friendly towards my short stature. The phobia of falling off lingers at the back of my mind upon every encounter. (Thankfully, a table seat freed up after I’d gotten my coffee. Didn’t I tell ya?)






Upon seeing the words ‘Monmouth’ on the chalkboard, instant flashbacks to London hit me like a freight train, in a good way. Borough Market. Monmouth Coffee. Queuing for Monmouth Coffee. Sipping on one of the best cuppas to date. Then of course, spilling it all over the floor and Cliff’s sneakers thanks to my ability to be wenz-o-klutz in any situation possible.

That up there, was definitely a good cup of coffee. Comforting in the damp weather, frothy and smooth to slither down my throat.





chocolate cupcake

I tend to get a wee bit dramatic when I’m alone so here’s a pre-warning because this fella was a friend. A friend with inner beauty that transcends it’s outer. It accompanied me through, though slowly depleting with each bite after every turn of a page. It was like we were having a heartfelt conversation, me internalizing every single fragment that when put together, was nothing short of an amazing chocolate story.

Their cupcake flavours vary from day to day. While I absolutely have no recollection of the name of the one I had up there, I do know one thing — their cupcakes are halal! In fact, I believe halal ingredients are utilized for baking in Penny University though I can’t be certain that it goes the same for everything else on the menu.





seats 2



50 shades of brown at this joint. I’ve got to love the mix and match of textures coming from the brick walls to patterned timbre. Also, the variations of seats available: bar, table, booths and wooden benches; comfortable options for groups of any number.


outdoor seats


penny university

Their outdoor seats quintessential for people who’d like an escape from chatter, who’d like to watch the world go by in weaved cane chairs that scream an ultimate “eh relac la”.

Penny University
Address: 402 East Coast Road Singapore 428997
Tel: 9008 9314

Closed on Mondays
Tue – Thu: 8.30 am to 6.00 pm
Fri: 8.30 am to 9.30 pm
Sat – Sun: 8.30 am to 10.30 pm


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