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Tiong Bahru Bakery @ Eng Hoon Street


Before being blinded by the beauty of them vintage cars, we spent somewhere over an hour in Tiong Bahru, a place I’ll need to return to at least twice more before the year ends. Because we were rushing for time, there wasn’t much for more exploration as I’d hoped. We did, however, get our butts to Tiong Bahru Bakery. I passed by just once, rather accidentally whilst on a work mission two weeks ago and couldn’t help but get that wondrous croissant (and a lemon tart of course) back to the office, which I called my lunch.

The bakery was bustling as always, as I assume, so we settled for a table in the serenity of the empty corridor but later shifted in just so I could get pictures of the interior. Despite that, it wasn’t the best setting for me to point, focus and go clickity click because the tables were so cramped and half the time, all I saw were bellies at eye level. Bellies.

outside seats


our order

I have a clear weakness for glass displays, even more so when gleaming mounds of bread so prized with heavenliness are staring right back at me. So I made Clifford order, for fear that I return with 10 plates of bread, looking as though I were a lost kid thinking she was at a buffet. He makes steadfast and practical decisions and that’s how we ended up with just three plates, which filled us up to that level we call ‘just right’.


chocolate briocheChocolate Brioche

croissantPlain Croissant

kouign amannKouign Amann

flat whiteFlat White, as always.

bon appetit

What we had: Chocolate Brioche, Plain Croissant, Kouign Amann & a Flat White. I believe the Croissant to be a must-try for anyone who hasn’t, but the Chocolate Brioche faded into the background for us, probably because of the star-studded Kouign Amann.

I’d never heard of Kouign Amann prior to my visit to TBB. Yet, one bite was all it took for it to climb up my list of favourite pastries and is now hovering near the top where the lemon tart sits in its throne of glory. Do not belittle its seemingly plain exterior. Bite through the crusty layers and you’ll the discover happiness that is the whiff and taste of butter. Sugar is caramelised over the entire breton cake and it gets a little messy when a thousand crumbs fall upon every bite. You will however, not have a care because you’re too busy savouring what seems to be one of the best things you’ve ever tasted.

It must either be a torture or a pleasure to be living in the Tiong Bahru neighbourhood with a bakery like this in the premises. Not forgetting other cafes in the area like The Orange Thimble, Drips, 40 Hands etc. We’ll be back, hopefully soon. And I will get another Kouign Amann.

till next time

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