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Dinner Guest: At the Khoo’s

While a portion of my job entails tasting food from restaurants that cost far more than my wallet can handle at the moment, dining out against the messes of the masses or knowing that it is work does inevitably steal part of the joy in eating. There’s nothing like a hearty dinner in the comfort of your home, cooked by your loved ones. Or in the context of this post, in one where my childhood was spent in, cooked by my best friend Krys.

Salmon Dinner

It was a no frills, just gills kind of dinner and she made what she always made for her own meals when she needed to. We aren’t your resident chefs and we shame against those ten-year-olds on Junior Masterchef (who by the way, are just simply amazing) but as we hover in our twenties, we figured it might be time to fry up some kitchen skills for the future, just in case no one invents an app that does that for us. Oh you know.

The night’s dinner included: Pan-fried salmon, asparagus and an avocado salad.

Pan-fried salmon

Before the salmon meets the pan, it is marinated with some chicken stock, which helped to dispel its fishy smell and in turn ingest the fillet with tons of flavour. Halfway into the pan-frying, she seasoned them with grinds of black pepper and salt.


Salmon 2Asparagus

After frying some garlic, duly chopped up asparagus stalks were added to the mix, along with a dash of salt as pictured below.

Avocado salad

For us, the key to a great tasting salad is its dressing. Health nuts who swear off these supposed unnecessary toppings probably wouldn’t approve but Japanese salad dressings are in my opinion, best to elevate the taste of a bland bowl of raw vegetables. Krys gets hers from a Japanese restaurant – Akashi, priced at a whopping $50 though for a rather sizeable bottle. It might be available in supermarkets now so do keep a lookout for it!
Avocado Salad

And there we have it, a simple meal that spared no effort, with a refreshing glass of homemade Honey Lemon. When you’re at The Khoo’s, you’re always well fed. Thanks again, Krys!Dinner

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