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Top of Europe: Jungfraujoch


This is where I’ll tell you about the peak of my vacation. No, really. I mean that most literally. On our 2nd and last full day in Lauterbrunnen, we geared up for a 2 hour train ride up to Jungfraujoch with tickets costing each of us a hefty S$180. And it was worth every dang buck.

If you remembered, I dedicated two full paragraphs from my previous post to how I was so measly underdressed for the cold. We were about to 3471m higher that day and the expected temperature hovered in the negatives. NEGATIVES. Thankfully, though we weren’t armed with the warmest clothing, we had from Daiso, 21 sachets of heat packs to burn. Stick them beneath your layers of clothing or in your pockets and the lifesavers will work their magic before you’re done singing Frosty the Snowman.

We were due to catch our train at about 10 that morning. But first, a trip to our favourite supermarket to stock up on snacks and grub for the day.



grocery store


Our lunch later that day.
lauterbrunnen train station

And then we were off! The picturesque view from the train had all of us on a constant snap mode. All you would hear were shutter sounds, oohs and sometimes, ahhs. For the most part, it felt like we had journeyed into a painting — just like Mary Poppins could. And as we snaked our way through Switzerland’s natural beauty, the greens seemed to subtly lose its saturation in the mist of clouds. ( As if someone out there was controlling it from a photo-editing app.)


lauterbrunnen scenery




jungfrau hikers

The train stopped a couple of times along the way. First at Kleine Scheidegg  for restroom runs and what not, then again at Eismeer. Besides a cluster of restaurants and hotels, Kleine Scheidegg was the starting point for any adventurous hikers on board.

As soon as we realized that the temperature outdoors was at 2.5 degrees celsius, the most magical thing happened when we got off — Snow! Lovely pelts of gentle snow gloriously hitting my face as I looked up for more. Some people had their brollies out and couldn’t understand why. Yet. 

train station


In the darkness of the tunnel, grey stoned walls and everything, we came up to Eismeer, where there was an indoor look-out point. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to see much with the clouds fogging up our view. But it was all good because we got every bit of an unobstructed and rather breathtaking view once we got up to the top.


jungfraujoch viewjungfraujoch panaroma

Credits: Cliff


The blankets of white were simply gorgeous. Being that high meant we were so much closer to the sun and I could barely see without my shades. Maximum levels of exposure everywhere. Out on the snowy mountains, my exposed face and palms went numb in the cold and taking pictures only got so much harder. But that didn’t stop us from staying out, eating snow or stripping to the skin just for the thrill of it. After all, we didn’t come all the way up just to sit in front of the heater and watch the clouds go by.


junfraujoch snow mountains

snowman in progress


Also, when in lack of gloves, use your extra pair of socks 😉

snow fight

snow fight





ice palace penguins

top of europe jungfraujoch

In the Ice Palace! Where we also found:



We’d been thoroughly frugal on our first day in Lauterbrunnen so with tons of francs to spare, the four of us decided to have a spanking good meal. We went scouring around and eventually landed ourselves in Hotel Oberland’s restaurant, located just opposite our hostel. They only had outdoor seats but we took them with open arms. It might have been just the perfect way to end our 2 days there — Devouring hearty dishes (Rice with curry, Rosti & a Risotto with baked salmon) while seated on warm, fur lined chairs right by the brightly coloured flower beds with a great view of Lauterbrunnen — one I could never get sick of. 
dinner at hotel oberland



Pardon the blurriness in the foregroundrisotto with salmon


And that concludes our short 2-day stay in this beautiful and scenic town. Take it from me: Always pack for winter when visiting Switzerland, despite it being the peak of summer season.

We head to Munich next, so do watch out for the next post!

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  4. Hello! Your pictures are gorrrrgeous, especially the shot that looked like the clouds were flowing in at the peak – just amazing.

    I’m from Singapore as well and my family’s visiting Grindelwald for 3 days in September, plus a day trip or 2 to Lauterbrunnen. May I know what train did you take up Jung Frau (the one that cost $180), was it the golden rail? We were previously considering skipping the jung frau peak and just taking the murren-schilthorn cable car to the Schilthorn peak, which I’ve read that, despite being lower than jungfrau, has some pretty crazy scenery too.

    If you’ve got some time on your hand, could you also provide any recommendations you have for the area based on your experience? We’re driving and will probably not get any swiss passes, doesn’t seem to be worth the price for drivers.


    • Hi Yuxuan! I actually can’t remember which rail we took up to Jungfraujoch – which by the way, I really recommend you and your family to go for. But I hope this website will be useful for you:

      For me, Lauterbrunnen wasn’t a place buzzing with tons of activities. As blogged, we spent most of our time there just roaming around the area and exploring. You could hike up Staubbachfall, stay at the popular camping grounds and just enjoy the peace of the town really! It’s the view and being surrounded by mountains that’s really spectacular. Another waterfall you could visit is Trummelbach Falls. And if you’re adventurous enough, paragliding and sky diving are things you could try.

      Lauterbrunnen is rather small so you might not even need your car while you’re there. Anyway, I may not have been much help, but here’s another website you could check out with regard to Lauterbrunnen! –

      Have a good time in Switzerland! (Remember to pack warm.)

      • Hello! Just came back from Europe – my family took the Morning Day pass up to JungFrauJoch in September and it was really breathtaking. We chose Grindelwald as base, and visited Lauterbrunnen for half a day, but Grindelwald an amazing place for base we really loved it.

        Anyway! Just dropping by to say thanks for the tips! Have fun with any of your upcoming trips (if you’re planning on one!

      • Hi Yuxuan, great to hear back that you and your family had an enjoyable vacation! Would love to read about it if you happen to blog too 🙂

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