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Oventures: Brownie Muffins


I woke up this morning with the intention to bake a full tin of fudge brownies but we didn’t have any baking tins, just a cupcake tray. And just as I was scouring for recipes online, I came across Happy Home Baking’s Chocolate Chips Brownie Muffins recipe. Perfect!


The last time I tried baking Nutella muffins, it was quite the disaster. It turned out pretty bland and would have been better of as a sponge for the dishes. (Though Cliff later slabbed on some actual nutella and said they were fine.) I would blame the old cranky oven but like my PE teacher back in JC always said, “don’t blame the equipment, it’s not the equipment’s fault.” — I guess that would apply here too? What I’m trying to say is, though they were just muffins, I was really nervous. Especially with my mom peering over my shoulders every 5 minutes.

Anyhoo, one of my favourite parts of baking these babies was melting the butter, sugar and finally throwing squares of potently addictive dark chocolate into the saucepan, which resulted in a lusciously rich chocolate pool. If the saucepan were any bigger, I would have jumped in. I really would’ve.

Everything went as smooth as the chocolate mix (can’t stop won’t stop emphasizing on this) until the very end. They were supposed to be in for about 20 minutes but by then, my skewers didn’t come out clean yet so I kept them in for another 10, while fearing for my life that the muffins would dry out. Fortunately, they didn’t. Well, not quite.


While they were still warm from the oven, I paired one with a cuppa tea for my afternoon snack. The result: Sweet, a bit moist but less fudgy than a brownie and more like a cake fashioned as a muffin.

You can get the recipe here. Till next time!


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