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Relish X The Coffee Daily


chalkboard menu

wild rocket burger

Wild Rocket Burger

mushroom linguine

Creamy Mushroom Linguine

the coffee daily



Serangoon Gardens is the Holland Village of the north-east. A cluster of shophouses loaded with restaurants, cafes, bars, as well as the hair salon I’ve been going to since I was seven  and ready to take on the world. We spent “Expensive Flower Day” there, away from freezing lecture theatres and offices, for food, coffee and quality time I could never get enough of. If you’re ever in the area, lunch at Relish with a coffee follow up at The Coffee Daily are places I’d recommend for a day date. And what a perfect lazy Sunday that would be.

Relish is an astounding place for food photos (or photos in general), with majestic natural light pouring in and bouncing off their white brick walls onto the contrasting black tables, shelves and giant lampshades with a gorgeous floral underside. What a sight. Here, burgers are must-have. The wild rocket burger stars a moist patty slathered with a savoury sarawak pepper cream, plus cheese for an extra $1.80. We also had a truffle-infused creamy garlic mushroom linguine — the epitome of an aromatic and velvety pasta.

Then we took a short walk to The Coffee Daily, a mandatory coffee stop whenever I’m nearby. Vibes here: Fresh coffee, old charm – just as the sign reads at the door. What I love best about having coffee here is the biscuit that comes along with. The malongo biscuits were probably and solely made to accompany espressos, lattes and flat whites with its mildy sweet and cinnamon touch. But we saved those and substituted them for … mexican wedding cookies from Cedele! The kind that melts in your mouth and leaves you stoned for a bit. A year-long hunt for them finally came to a good end.

What a day.

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