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Support the Breast Cancer Foundation with a Staycation


We live in an age where we’re always trying to escape a mundane workday regime and that wanderlust isn’t going anywhere with all the Buzzfeed articles  showing us places “to visit before we die”. And while you save up for long haul trips, staycations are probably the best forms of mini-breaks you can get.

naumi hotel poolNaumi Hotel’s Cloud 9 Infinity Pool

I’ve always found boutique hotels to carry a certain kind of charm. They’re smaller, quieter and if you’re lucky, you’ll have the pool all to yourself on a scorching weekday afternoon. (Or for a late night dip – with or without chips.) Plus, room for character. Or rather, rooms with character.

Take Naumi Hotel for example:

naumi hotel coco chanel inspired roomGabrielle is a classic Coco Chanel inspired room

andy warhol naumi hotel While Nirwana lets you dive into Andy Warhol’s quirky persona

naumi hotel entranceNaumi Hotel on Seah Street

Facade-of-Naumi-Liora-by-DayNaumi Liora on Keong Saik Road

Naumi Hotels celebrate the Festival of Colours in support of Breast Cancer Foundation

This month, Naumi Hotels will be celebrating the Festival of Colours, Holi – an ancient Hindu festival where people of all ages go into the streets for fun, throwing powdered paint and coloured water to celebrate the triumph of ‘good’ over ‘evil’. (A scene similar to the colour run.) Taking the festival into consideration, the boutique hotel will be celebrating the colour ‘Pink’ specifically, symbolizing the significant support for the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Join them in raising funds and awareness for women with breast cancer as both Naumi Hotels will be donating up to SGD15 for every eligible room stay on 17th March 2014.

This was not a paid post. Any opinions expressed here are my own.
Images courtesy of Naumi Hotel.

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