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PasarBella & Friends Go To Town at Marina Bay Sands

pasarbella marina bay sands

Barely over a month after visiting PasarBella in its home ground at The Grand Stand, it makes its way to Marina Bay Waterfront. And I come with. For those who have been bellyaching about its inaccessibility, squirm no more because it’ll be in town till March 30. The selection of traders may not encompass the full list of tenants but the variety does gives you a good graze of the market.

pasarbella mbs

The atmosphere was seemingly perfect on a Thursday evening — the crowd wasn’t overwhelming and there were enough seats scattered around the deck. While they thought bringing PasarBella to the CBD would grant some its traders a breath of fresh air, haze was all that was abundant. (Fortunately, the recent days of rain has pushed that aside.)

With a live band performing and a good sound system to boot, we grabbed some food and planted ourselves in a quiet corner since the better water-view seats were snapped up. The star players at the event were clearly Omakase Burger, as well as Keith Crackling Roast. The queue for the former was a constantly evolving snake, while the latter was running out of roast fast.

pasarbella-omakaseOne large Truffle Fries ($8) and an original Omakase Cheeseburger ($14.90)

omakase burger

Burgers seem easy to build but the competition is fierce and customers are harsh. The patty has to be juicy; the cheese has to have partially melted to become part of the burger. Fundamentally and probably most importantly, the buns have got to be soft enough so you don’t piss your consumer off when the first thing they bite into resembles the shell of a lobster. And of course, the sauce within has to blend so well that I get the full taste one bite through.

In recent months, I’ve had more burgers than I had in the past 5 years. What I’ve learnt about my attitude towards burgers: Give me a problem-free burger that tastes divine and I’m sold. The Omakase Cheeseburger was just that. The under sides of each burger bun was slathered with melted butter and there wasn’t a dry bite to tell. Sure, it could have been a terribly messy affair given my history with well, mess, but the close ended wrapper caught any potential sauce spills. Until Cliff tilted it to look at the bottom. Splash. On his phone. (Just a tad).

truffle fries pasarbella

I gotta admit – I’ve been having way too much truffle fries lately and I’m close to forgetting what normal ones taste like. But when the option for them come up in the menu, it’s an automatic purchase. I’ll just use the excuse of trying to find truffle fries better than the ones in PS. Cafe. These were hot and pretty spanking good, and almost , just almost able for a fair fight with the current king. Then again, royalty comes with mounds of grated cheese. Grated cheese.

singapore light and water showAt 8pm, the daily Light and Water show at Marina Bay Sands commenced, drawing about half of the PasarBella crowd to the railings with their phones and cameras. After this attempted raised-arm shot, I grabbed the opportunity to queue for some amazing crackling roast when everyone else was away. We also got an Elder Flower & Lime cider from their neighbour, Vespucci & Sons International Grocers. Great thirst quenchers!

crackling pork roast

They were definitely less oily than you would expect and it comes with a choice of their homemade sauces. Play it safe with some mustard (wasabi-infused) or go all out on the spice-o-meter with the chilli. We hear it’s pretty unforgiving.

crackling pork roast pasarbellaCrackling Pork Roast – Regular ($8). Double and even Family servings were available. 

tuna balls pasarbellaBluefin Tuna Minced Balls ($5 for 2 sticks)

pat and sticks pasarbellaDouble Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich ($7)

When I saw Pat and Stick’s Homemade Ice Cream Co., I might just have done a little jump. I first came across it in Takashimaya last November and have always wanted to try their ice cream sandwiches, only to purse my lips in resistance to my temptations.

Well, not here.

double chocolate ice cream

The verdict? So, good. Insert sheepish smile.

Grab a buddy, your other half or your entire office and soak up the likes of PasarBella whilst it’s within your reach.

PasarBella & Friends Go To Town
Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza
7 – 30 March
Mon – Fri: 4.30pm – 10pm
Sat & Sun: 10am – 10pm
Admission is free


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