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Munich: Nymphenburg Palace, Viktualienmarkt & Deutsches Museum


Day 10: When you’re in a foreign country with limited days to soak in its local glory, time is of the essence and you probably wouldn’t want to spend an extravagant amount of time on the buses and trains (unless of course you’re a transport junkie/ filming a music video). For our third and last day in Munich, we ventured towards the city centre with our three destinations for the day not far from one another: Nymphenburg Palace, Viktualienmarkt and Deutsches Museum.

First stop: Nymphenburg Palace


The summer residence of Bavarian monarchs holds buildings that aren’t too impressive, to be honest. The vast 490-acre landscape gardens on the palace grounds however, are quite a sight and they made for a pleasant stroll on a day like this, where sunshine came without the heat.


fowlBird chasing, anyone?

Getting to the palace took a bus ride from Sendinger Tor U-Bahn station with a short stroll along a canal leading us to our destination. Along the way, we saw swans, ducks and various species of water birds gathering in flocks at the edge of a large pond amongst other fountains – oh and flowers – tons of flowers, adding and maintaining that speck of life in the otherwise empty and lifeless attraction.






Admission into Nymphenburg Palace is free  but if you’re looking to explore the area more you can purchase a combination ticket at about 8.5 euros to gain access to the Martallmuseum (of carriages and sleighs), the legendary Porcelain Museum, as well as the park palaces. We didn’t. But you could.


Second stop: Viktualienmarkt


Skipping along to the heart of Munich was its city centre, where the New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus) and food market Viktualienmarkt were situated. Take the S Bahn to Marienplatz and you’ll find yourself in the buzz of the streets with older and more historical buildings standing tall enough for your admiration. And around the corner, the hustle and bustle of a colourful farmer’s market waits to be found.

munich-bicycle-tourThe next time we’re in Germany, a bike tour awaits.




viktualienmarkt-beer-garden-1Probably one of my favourite places in Munich, Viktualienmarkt is the one to visit especially if you’re a market fanatic. It’s a gourmet wonderland. The outdoor bazaar is laden with stalls selling fresh produce, exotic fruits, cheese, spices, handmade knick knacks and coffee, with a beer garden located right smack in the centre of it all shaded by some decade old chestnut trees. So there we sat on a wooden bench, settling hunger pangs with regular german fare and of course a pint of liquid gold with a busy market scene before us.

bratwurst-sourkrautSausages with sauerkraut

augistiner-radlerAn amazing pint of Augustiner Radler to keep us warm in the cold.

nord-seaPotato wedges with sour cream from Nord-Sea
(a “fast-seafood” stand, perpetually everywhere in Munich).

apple-chipsI got myself a pack of these yummy apple chips to snack on train rides and they eventually followed me back to Singapore. (They were that much and so good I had to savour them as slowly as I could.)


Third stop: Deutsches Museum


By late afternoon, it was time to feed the boys with their love for all things geeky at Deutsches Museum, the world’s largest museum of science and technology. Contrary to my expectations, this was by far the most interesting museums I’ve ever seen to date. The exhibitions were divided into the Natural Sciences (astronomy, physics), Materials & Production (oil, gas, metals, paper technolgy), Energy (electric power, environment), Communication (printing technolgy, telecommunication), Musical instruments and Transport – my favourite of the lot. It might have been due to the fact that they had fascinating miniature models – my new found love. Just how can anyone resist feeling like a complete giant when you tower over ships, planes and rockets for once?







If you’re ever including this in your itinerary for Munich (I’d highly recommend you to), set aside at least 3 hours for Deutsches Museum. They’re open from 9AM to 5PM daily and it’ll cost you 8.5 euros for entry. Side effects include either rekindling or igniting your love for science.

With that, we were due to leave unique Munich the next morning – we really didn’t want to. Munich was a city that embraced us with open arms, good beer and fantastic food. It was where we felt safe without the incessant need to clutch tightly onto already zipped bags, unlike our next destination – Paris. Gulp. Still, onwards we marched.

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