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Review: Knuckles Bistro

knuckles-bistro-review$8 mains & German drafts in a rather crate place.

One of the great ways for a new bistro to greet the gourmet world is to set camp next to a thriving one and look pleasantly inviting while you’re there. Sandwiched between Hatter Street and Nakhon, Knuckles Bistro sits in a prime location where passersby are aplenty, not to mention the usual endless queues from their Thai co-owners.

knuckles bistro

knuckles bistro interior

Inside, the lighting is dim (I’m sorry my photographs lie) and the music is loud, but nonetheless a casual and cosy space (where light wood dominates with crate-like tables) for anyone looking for a place to unwind over chugs of beer and relatively decent grub.

From what I noticed, tables outside are given menus while the ones inside aren’t. But that’s okay since orders are done at the counter anyway. The range of food is kept concise starting with appetizers like crispy wings, grilled mushrooms or truffle-infused salads and fries. As mentioned above, their mains stand at a standard and rather affordable price of $8. Choices include German Pork Knuckle, Grilled Chicken Chop, Bangers & Mash and even an All Day Breakfast set – to name a few.

For beers, German names include Bitburger (1 for $6, 5 for $25) and a personal favourite – Blanc, which goes for $7 while $30 gets you 5. They’ve also got Bulmers, an Irish cider for $13 each. Unfortunately, they haven’t got much to offer for you non-beer folks. It’ll either be coke, sprite, or a hot/cold line of basics like latte, mocha, cappucino and lemon tea.

pork knucklesGerman Pork Knuckle

As expected, the portion wasn’t fantastic  as justified by its price. Accompanied by a scoop of mash and sauerkraut by the sides, the pork knuckle was tender and tasty but the underwhelming size gave it less to rave about. Although Brotzeit’s still the place we’d choose to get punched at by their fab pork knuckles, this makes a good substitute for anyone with dire cravings whilst in the neighbourhood.

truffle spaghettiTruffle Mushroom Spaghetti

 I’ve always found it hard to resist ordering anything that came glorified with truffle or mushrooms. While I could use a fair bit more morsels of chewy mushrooms, the spaghetti was pretty satisfactory though again, still sitting on the fence of average.

What did look more generous at Knuckles though, was the Grilled Chicken Chop we saw arriving at the table next to us. While it might have been the illusion of the large plates, the chicken chop came in a sizeable portion with thick-cut fries and a side salad.

So, we’ll be returning. For chicken chop and some German beers perhaps.

Knuckles Bistro
Blk 212 Hougang Street 21 #01-33, Singapore 530212
Hougang-Kovan District
Opens 7pm onwards

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