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Postcards From Paris

Day 12, 30th June 2013:

arc de triomphe

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The second day in Paris was spent prancing about the major landmarks – the ones you see on postcards, overused on tote bags and what not. Still, each of them held their own beauty. Still, we stood in awe.

Starting things grand with the massive Arc de Triomphe, we were more than pleased to find the designated “photo spot” marked out in the centre of Champs Elysées. What followed were 90 minutes of strolling through the avenue with croissants and that must-try-miniature-donut-like-thing-sorry-i-cant-remember-its-name in hand while watching the first third of the crowd attempting selfies with the arc.

Next stop: The Eiffel Tower. We had a mini-macaron picnic under the blinding rays of the sun at Champs de Mars. Finding that perfect spot just so the entire 324m-tower fits nicely in the frame got us moving further and further away. Once we got it, a self-timed jump shot was due before we scooted off for the carousel hunt down. After a double hit on false carousel-identities, we found the one. The one with the sparkling merry-go-round of white noble steeds in the foreground and the Eiffel Tower well proportioned in the back. And that was undoubtedly our happiest point of the day.

You may gasp, but we didn’t enter the Lourve museum. Instead, we hung around outside with the gorgeous glass pyramids, a hundred others and that dog cooling off in the fountain. Finally, our last stop for the day: Grand Lafayette. Huge mall, tons of luxury brands, stunning ceiling work above the atrium. Take the escalator and my advice and go right up to the rooftop. I promise you comfortable chairs for your aching feet (or you could very well plomp yourself on the carpet grass) and a gorgeous sunset. The view up there was ahh-mazing.

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  1. Hi, I’m currently embarking on a trip to Europe and was wondering whether do you have any tips for first time travellers? Also, do you have a packing list of sorts?

    • Hi Janet!

      Terribly sorry for this late reply. I must have missed it out.
      Not sure if you’ve alrdy gone on your Europe trip yet but here goes:

      Tips for first time travellers in general? It might sound pretty obvious but do plan ahead, book your flights, accommodation and train tickets early! You’ll save a ton of money that way. Do check the weather too, especially nearing your vacation and when it comes to packing, the lesser the better. I was a little paranoid about pickpockets etc. in Europe and while I did not carry a money belt, I did take care to split my money and buy a bag organizer. Keep copies of your credit cards, passports, travel insurance too (hard/soft).

      Hope this helps!

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