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BooksActually: Art + Design Market

What I did on a cold and wet Saturday afternoon: A solo expedition to the Art + Design Market, a collaboration by BooksActually & Sculpture Square. The three weeks of travel in Europe has introduced in me a hunger for exploration, the sheer excitement for discovering new things and feeling like a goodness-to-gracious tourist. What I enjoyed most: Talking to and getting inspired by these creatives wheniwasfour / 小时候 A quintessential representation of a rather local childhood through design and handmade products. Pins, tote bags, notebooks and even cushion covers. This was old school in a basket. Incidentally, they had a basket.

Father’s Day Brunch @ Spruce

Father’s Day — A less celebrated and glorified occasion compared to Mother’s Day barely a month back. When it comes to any form of celebration, presents are optional in my family and never expected but we make it a point to at least have a meal together. Such meals are definitely more significant and treasured now that my both siblings are married. My parents usually opt for Chinese cuisines — dim sum lunches, dinners at chinese restaurants — this time it was different. We had our first family brunch out at Spruce over at Phoenix Park, Tanglin Road, a nice step out of the usual ensemble of locations. It was without a doubt, a treat for the man of the house, who appreciates a big breakfast spread made of scrambled eggs, sausages, cherry tomatoes, baked beans and the like. Phoenix Park had a pinch of the Dempsey aura, with Spruce set slightly upslope with a backrop of luxuriant foliage. If not for the humid weather, outdoor seatings would’ve been Australian-April-weather-perfect. Where everyone’s OOTD is shot