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Oventures: The Chocolate Chip Cookie

Oh look, I’m making up my own words again. If you guessed it, Oventures are ‘oven adventures’ — well, at least to me so I’m coining it and that’s what I’ll name this little series. All this while in this home of mine, the oven , which came with the apartment, lived an unfulfilling life masquerading as a storage unit holding cork mats, oven mits and trays. One day, my heart went out to it, supported by a new year resolution in learning to bake. That was a goal set in 2013. It’s 2014, I know. But the oven had unfortunately broken down and all we had was a tiny oven that couldn’t even fit my brand new cupcake tray. Now, thanks to my parents, we have a spanking new one and that meant that I have no excuse not to go forth with my baking attempts — no matter how amateur the results may be. Heading the series — Chocolate chip cookies. I think of them as the default baby step in baking. The second? …

Dinner Guest: At the Khoo’s

While a portion of my job entails tasting food from restaurants that cost far more than my wallet can handle at the moment, dining out against the messes of the masses or knowing that it is work does inevitably steal part of the joy in eating. There’s nothing like a hearty dinner in the comfort of your home, cooked by your loved ones. Or in the context of this post, in one where my childhood was spent in, cooked by my best friend Krys. It was a no frills, just gills kind of dinner and she made what she always made for her own meals when she needed to. We aren’t your resident chefs and we shame against those ten-year-olds on Junior Masterchef (who by the way, are just simply amazing) but as we hover in our twenties, we figured it might be time to fry up some kitchen skills for the future, just in case no one invents an app that does that for us. Oh you know. The night’s dinner included: Pan-fried salmon, …

Family Gathering Potluck

Pardon me but life’s been in a busy, busy frazzle. And because I cannot let my blog stay so terribly static, here’s a quick one on a family gathering potluck that mine had a couple of weeks back on Hari Raya Haji, also known as the Festival of Sacrifice celebrated by Muslims all over the world — and of course, here in Singapore. Needless to say, the dishes holding ground at our potluck were relatively Singaporean with the usual suspects like Chicken Curry, Chicken Wings, Mee Goreng, Beehoon and Satay (my image was unfortunately blurry) etc.