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Chinese New Year 2014

This Chinese New Year, I had with me something I never had before. A camera. My trusty camera. It’s a great companion and it pushes me to pay attention to the little wondrous things around me that I’d never noticed before. In doing so, I was able to capture moments that we would have probably overlooked and forgotten about by the following year. I had great fun with the candid shots, though my awesome shutter sound gave me away for the stealthier ones. And I figured some of them looked best in black and white, because those still moments didn’t need colour to live, for they had a life of their own. Then of course, Ted Grant’s amazing quote stands as true as can be: “When you photograph people in colour, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls.” Click on thumbnails for larger images.

Pasarbella @ The Grand Stand

Pasarbella doesn’t run parallel to London’s Borough Market or Fremantle in Perth. However, it did ooze mildly of their characteristic vibes. And with air-conditioning, of course.  On the whole, it was like a maze. A maze of temptations with beautiful crockery, jarred jams and minimalistic cakes on display. We found ourselves back at the exact same spot after turning a few corners before the might wave of realisation dawned upon me — that it just wasn’t as big as I thought it’d be. Still, there were tons to discover and it’s definitely a nice weekend escape. Plus if anyone is interested, the exit between the florist and the hot dog stall gives you a panoramic view of the rugby fields. The Cheese Ark – sells cheese and anything to with it. I’m talking cheese boards, crackers, wines and jams. On the same glossy brown paper that your chicken rice to-go comes wrapped with, 5 varieties of cheese sit in cubes for your sampling. If you’re not ready to commit to an entire block of cheese, …

Scents X Memories

Scents are known to trigger memories. They remind you of people, places and situations so vivid it’s like you’ve time travelled to the past and beyond. The scientific explanation: Our olfactory nerve (responsible for our sense of smell) is a budding neighbour with the amyglada, the area of the brain that is connected to our emotional memory. But enough about science, let’s talk scents. In my final year of school, I wore L’occitane’s Pivoine Flora Eau de Parfum. It’s supposed to smell predominantly of peonies and magnolias. (Note: While I’m able to translate my sense of taste into words as a food writer, I’m hopeless when it comes to chemical fragrances. Labels are necessary. The exception comes with lavender – just who doesn’t recognise lavender?) Using it again today brought me back to the last semester, the three months I spent largely alone, travelling between faculties and growing immune to daily shuttle bus woes. More specifically, a whiff of this fragrance flashed a moving image of me exiting LT 52 in Utown – yes, my memory imprints …