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Cafe Review: Five & Dime Eatery

Along the relatively quiet stretch of River Valley Road, you’ll find a quaint stand alone building wearing a coat of white with panels of glass for pockets of sunshine to peer through and black shutter windows atop for shade. Interior It’s not difficult to fall in love with the interior of Five & Dime Eatery if its minimalistic exterior didn’t impress you even a slightest bit. They say it’s what’s on the inside that counts, now doesn’t it? I love how their chairs carry that pop of mint on the sides, breaking that almost synonymous hue of brown throughout the shop. Apart from their robustly chalked up black board menus hung up against the brick wall, my favourite spot has to be the white pegboard holding pairs of totes and frames.

Chua Kee Seafood Restaurant

The best way to celebrate friendship in group of 10 in the most asian, or rather Chinese way possible is having zi-char. Most importantly, at a round table. If you’re not familiar with the concept, zi char(煮炒)literally means ‘cook and fry’ and basically composes of a la carte dishes with white steamed rice and sometimes a hearty soup. That tuesday night saw us driving over to Johor Bahru for dinner and what can I say? It’s not everyday you have to remind yourself to bring your passport to work. 奶油五花肉/ Buttered Five Flower Pork This was probably my favourite dish of the night. Crunchy, sweet and salty all at the same time. As unhealthy as this phrase seems, “always better with butter”.

PS. Cafe @ Palais Renaissance

There are many levels of food — Junk, exquisite, comfort. At times, they meet to form a phenomenal collaboration for a calorie party. I’m talking about Truffle Shoestring Fries & PS. Chicken In A Basket from PS. Cafe. We were in town getting shoved around by the Orchard crowd like a carom being flicked when we had the profoundest cravings for a good ol’ mountain of truffle fries. There was no need for a lengthy discussion about our destination, for there’s only one place we’d claw our way to get our much needed fix.